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We produce an interactive loan summary for every pool of  loans we analyze and offer. We feel our system provides the most comprehensive one page summary available. Check out an example below.

Curious about where scratch and dent / investor kickout loans have been pricing in the current market? Access our Scratch and Dent Pricing Tool to find out!

BCG Loan Trading

Scratch and Dent / Investor Kickout Pricing Tool

BCG Loan Trading

Interactive Loan Offering Summary

With over 600 active loan clients, the Banes Capital Group Whole Loan Trading Desk is one of the more active in the country, trading a spectrum of loan products from residential scratch and dent (SND) pools, to performing portfolio loans and non-performing loans (NPL). 


With an average of 20+ years of experience on the desk, BCG also assists its valued lenders with full balance sheet consulting, optimization, and ALM simulation, as well as advanced loan analytics and pricing. Our decades of experience in all facets of the capital markets give us the perspective and the relationship channels needed to make balance sheet changes happen smoothly and quietly.


We strive to be a valued resource for our bank and credit union clients who wish to optimize their performance in both government guaranteed and traditional lending, and we've put the systems in place to help make that happen.

About BCG Loan Trading, The Whole Loan Trading Desk for Banes Capital Group

Writing with the benefit of 30+ years of capital markets experience, Doug Ingram explores the factors affecting the current U.S. and global rates markets.

Our breadth of relationships spans financial institutions of all kinds; community and/or regional banks, hedge funds, originators, and broker/dealers. This allows us to offer a wide range of the very best whole loan ideas in the current market. Click above to check out our current offerings.

We as an industry can now model loan portfolios just as we have modeled securities portfolios over the past 20 years ... quickly, easily, and accurately. Click above to request analyses to show exactly how a loan trade would affect your balance sheet, and the expected risk and reward.

"Changes in technology have changed our world. These changes have also quietly made unsecuritized whole loans a viable asset class for a wide range of financial institutions worldwide. We can now model prepayment, credit, and interest rate risk for loans the same way we can model bonds, and loan due diligence and settlement is much easier than it was even ten years ago. The institutions who understand this are the ones who outperform their peers quarter after quarter."

Stephen Bone

Managing Director & Head/Whole Loan Trading

Banes Capital Group

Banes Capital Group, LLC (BCG) provides management and administrative services to Banes Capital Management, LLC (BCM) and partners with our affiliated broker/dealer, Hanover Securities, for government guaranteed pool and other securities trading. 

BCG is the adviser to the BCM High Income Fund LP, a leading buyer of SBA 7(a) and USDA loans. BCG also provides administrative services to financial advisors and registered representatives of independent institutional fixed income brokerages, and runs one of the more active whole loan trading desk in the country.

Hanover Securities is BCG's affiliated broker/dealer, and is one of the most experienced teams in the country specializing in government guaranteed loan (GGL) secondary market trading. Hanover is one of only 11 certified SBA pool assemblers in the U.S.

CEO, Joel Banes and his team have faced virtually every financial climate, from placid to volatile. BCG gratefully attributes its success to the strength of the long term relationships it has with its client base. BCG is committed to providing clients with the answers to their informational research requests and dedicated professional service.  


Joel Banes, CEO


Stephen Bone, Managing Director

Matt Monaco, Managing Director

Jim Tait, Managing Director

Jennifer Coltharp, Director of Lender Relations

Steven Shelton, First Vice President

Paul Briggs, Associate Vice President


Denice Susen, Operations

Donna Reed, Settlements

Kevin Bentley, Compliance

Brian Swanson, Information Technology

Denise Omar, Administration

Nancy Raileanu, Marketing

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